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“My son started seeing Lori when he was 3 years old and we couldn't be happier with his progress at City Speech! He had a speech delay and was saying very few words by year 3 and was very timid and shy at preschool. He struggled with his expressive speech, dropped ending consonants and it was very hard for my husband and me to understand, much less others. We could tell he was frustrated and it was affecting his self-esteem. We were approved for school assistance but couldn't start until the new school year. Not wanting to wait that long, we enlisted the help of Lori at City Speech -- best decision we ever made for our son and entire family! Our son was trusting "Lolo" right away. Lori has such a gift in working with young children and being fun and gentle, yet knowing when she can push to maximize their potential. She utilizes play therapy and would work within his interest to keep him motivated each week. She was also great at coaching me with ways I could help him at home. He has completely caught up to speech at his age level (and beyond) thanks to Lori. To see him flourish socially, gain confidence and enjoy being a happy little boy has brought us such immense joy and warms our hearts daily. We couldn't be more appreciative and grateful to have had Lori as our speech therapist -- she's the best! I could go on and on and on............”
-Anita, Brentwood, MO

"My daughter started working with Lori when she was two years old and has been with her almost a year. During that time, we've seen immense progress in her speech and language development and she really looks forward to seeing Lori each and every week. In fact, she mentions wanting to see Lori almost every day! Lori has a special gift of being able to connect quickly and lovingly with a young toddler. It's easy for Lori to gain their trust and keep their attention, all while making speech therapy FUN and exciting. As a parent, it's also been so beneficial for me to observe each therapy session to gain knowledge about how I can continue her progress at home."
-Melissa, St Louis, MO

"My three year old son has been receiving speech therapy from Lori for seven months. Since day one, I've been impressed with how she relates to him and gets him to enjoy therapy. He often asks when he is going to see "LoLo" next. His articulation has improved tremendously along with his confidence around other children. She fosters an open dialogue with the parent so you know where your child needs work and where they have improved. I highly recommend City Speech."
–Jen, St Louis, MO

“We are grateful for everything that Lori has done for our daughter. From our first visit, to our last, Lori took the time to answer all of our questions and always kept us informed. Our daughter started working with Lori when she was 2.5 and said very few words. Lori formed a wonderful bond with her and helped her improve within weeks. Our daughter quickly started using more words and phrases and we can't tell you how awesome the feeling is when you get to listen to your child talk and have a conversation. Our daughter always loved her visits with Lolo (Lori) and being able to watch them work while in the waiting room showed how much Lori cared. We are thankful for Lori!”
-Jenny, Fenton, MO

“We went to Lori when we became concerned about our son's delayed speech development and how it was hindering his daily interactions at preschool and home. Since working with Lori, the improvement in his speech has been phenomenal and we have appreciated and relied on her guidance about his development. It is so wonderful to see his personality come through in his speech!”
-Anica, University City, MO

“My son has made more progress with City Speech than with other therapists. Lori built great rapport with him keeping him engaged. I highly recommend Lori Linder.”
-Carol, Richmond Heights, MO

“Three of my children have worked with Lori (LoLo) over the years. Each had different issues, and each has had great results. I appreciate that Lori uses every minute of our scheduled time and can adjust quickly to my child's mood that day. They all actually looked forward to going!”
-Amy, Clayton, MO

“I am very grateful to have found Lori Linder at City Speech. Her patience, guidance, and speech education with my husband and I and our 3 year old daughter was incredible. When we first knew our daughter had a speech delay, we sought out help right away and immediately knew that Lori was the right therapist to help. I was very impressed with her kindness and dedication to our young daughter for the 1+ year we saw Lori. It was also wonderful to see how excited our daughter was every week to go see “LoLo”! She made our daughter feel very welcome and comfortable during every session. We miss Lori a lot now!!“
-Andrea, University City, MO

"My son started working with Lori when he was 2.5 years old. He had little to no words. We saw an immediate improvement after working with her. She has a true gift of working with children. He loved going to speech as she made his sessions fun. Lori is patient, kind, and a great teacher. I highly recommend her."
-Karissa, Ladue, MO

“Lori, ‘Lolo’, helped our baby find her voice. When Ellie first started her journey in speech therapy, you could maybe understand 20% of what she was saying. Within a few short months, Ellie's speech cleared, her vocabulary exploded and her confidence blossomed. We love Lolo and it was with mixed emotions when Ellie graduated. We were happy she graduated, but sad to not see Lori anymore!”
-Ashley, Ladue, MO

“Miriam is starting KG tomorrow. There were times it seemed impossible. I would like to thank Lori for helping out Miriam last year. It gave such a boost to her speech. She is a chatterbox now and talks about Lori frequently. Thanks again!”
-Jisna, Ladue, MO

“Lori’s persistence and enthusiastic style made speech therapy a joyful experience for my son and delivered great results.”
-Katie, St Louis, MO

“In the past two and a half years, Lori’s patience, loving persistence, and ability to adjust her strategies to meet our child’s needs, Mack has gone from not being able to communicate to being able to speak in full sentences and answer questions. He has also begun speaking to peers without adult help. Lori is open and honest and she provides us with strategies and ideas to help increase his language at home. When I think a task is impossible for Mack to achieve, Lori figures out a way to help him master that specific task. Because of her help, Mack has drastically closed the gap between himself and typically developing children. I would recommend her to everyone. She is remarkable and her help to our entire family will be cherished always. She dramatically changed our lives for the better.”
-Molly, Dardenne Prairie, MO

“We began seeing Lori when our son was 2. He did not talk, not even yes and no. Lori makes speech fun; she is engaging and gets down on the floor to play games and puzzles. Our son loves learning/playing and doesn't like when it is time to leave. We learn tips and tricks from her while watching her methods on the video monitor. We started seeing results and now 18 months later; our son is speaking in full sentences unprompted. Lori has been a teacher to not only our son, but to us, also. Thanks!”
-Kate, Webster Groves, MO

“We really have been noticing improvement and she LOVES to come. Yesterday morning after she got dressed she asked if she could go right now (it was only 8 am). Just wanted you to know she really looks forward to her visits :)”
-Julie, St Louis, MO

“Our son had a developmental speech and language disorder. If it were not for Lori Linder, our son would not be flourishing like he is today. City Speech was by far the best experience my son has ever experienced in therapy. He always looked forward to his weekly sessions with Lori. On the last day of our session, not only did my son have tears in his eyes, but so did I. Lori is in a league of her own and our family will always cherish City Speech.”
-Tricia, Ladue, MO

“We started Molly in private speech therapy 2 years ago with Lori (LoLo to Molly). We walked into Lori’s office feeling like inadequate parents, and not knowing exactly if her speech delay was a symptom of something bigger. It was definitely the best decision we made and week by week, we saw our little girl thrive in front of our eyes. Observing Lori conduct therapy also gave us some helpful tools to further encourage speech development at home. Not only is Lori amazing at her job, but she is SO warm and loving with Molly. LoLo quickly became one of Molly's favorite people and she couldn't wait to see her every week. I'm so proud to say that our sweet girl GRADUATED from speech therapy today, with hugs and a unicorn cupcake from LoLo. We are so thankful that we made the decision for early intervention. For any parents out there that may be struggling with this issue, I encourage you to take the plunge and get your kiddo the help they need... sooner rather than later. It was definitely worth it! #speechtherapy #worthit #welovelolo”
-Melissa, Olivette, MO

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